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A/C Maintenance Katy, Tx & Surrounding areas

Top notch Air Conditioning service team in town 

We are ready to improve your Air Conditioning Efficiency with our AC tune up

Check your Air filter Regularly 

Air Conditioning Maintenance

  • Check Air Filter
  • Check Amperage
  • Check capacitors 
  • Check Freon Levels
  • Check Fan blade balance
  • Lubircate moving parts
  • Clean and tighten electrical
  • Check AC drain line
  • Check Contractor
  • Wash Condenser

Annual Maintenance Plan Benefits 

  • Clear Clogged drain lines
  • 10 % Discount on repairs
  • 1 free pound 410a freon if needed

What Happens if AC is not Maintenance 

AC won't remove Heat Efficiently

AC Freon Pressure will run High PSIG

Parts running higher AMPERAGE

Over Heat Parts (Compressor)

Damage fan blade (shaking unit)

Damage Equipment

Join our Annual Maintenance plan today

Keep your system 

Running at its best all year

Annual Maintenance plan comes with 2 maintenance per year. Includes 1 A/C maintenance, 1 Heater maintenance, Free service calls all year, clearing clogged AC drain line, 1 free pound 410 a freon if needed, 10 % discount on repairs. Regular price $189 per year 


offer cannot be combined with any other offer. Price is subject to change at anytime

Providing Quality A/C Maintenance Service